Rules & Regulations

  1. The Cup shall be called The Blackford Cup. It shall be competed for annually in a competition, played on a home and away basis. Clubs may enter one or more teams in the competition. It shall be possible to enter a team comprising of players from 2 different clubs. The home venue must be declared when the joint team is entered. If there are more than 16 teams entered then only first teams will be guaranteed entry, second teams will be selected randomly by the league executive committee.
  2. Eligibility of players shall be as exists for any league affiliation requirement. Only those players nominated (minimum 4 men and 4 ladies; maximum of 12 people in total) in order of playing ability, by the specified date shall be able to participate in matches. Those players should be regularly playing in one of the league divisions and no player may be nominated for more than one Blackford cup team, any variation must be approved by the League Executive Committee. Entries must be accompanied by the predetermined entry fee and submitted to the Secretary, not later than 30th June each year. Nominations must be submitted to the District Match Secretary, not later than 30th September each year.
  3. Participating Clubs will be allotted a handicap as determined by the League Executive Committee who will also conduct the draw for each year's event. If there is a large difference between the highest and lowest handicap then a cap will be applied in the interest of being able to complete games in the allotted time. The cap will be applied at the discretion of the league committee. The handicaps given to each club will apply to each game. Where necessary, the starting point for each game will be adjusted in accordance with the BE handicap tables. The cost of each match shall be borne by the home side. Each tie will be played on a home and away basis and the winner of each tie will be the team with the most points. In the event of a tie in any round, the winner shall be decided on a neutral court.
  4. Each round must be completed before a date specified by the Executive Committee. It shall be the duty of the home Secretary to inform the League Fixture Secretary immediately of the agreed date of the fixture. Failure to complete both legs of the round by the specified date will be investigated by the Executive Committee and if considered necessary, the offending Club will be disqualified. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.
  5. The general condition of play shall be as for the league competitions. Teams shall consist of three ladies and three gentlemen who shall be nominated at 1st, 2nd and 3rd Lady or Gentleman respectively (not necessarily in order of strength). The fixture shall consist of 10 2-game rubbers to 21 with no setting. The order of play shall be as follows:
      Event Home Team   Away Team
    1 Ladies Singles 1st Lady v 1st Lady
    2 Gents Singles 1st Gent v 1st Gent
    3 Mixed Doubles 2nd Lady & Gent v 2nd Lady & Gent
    4 Ladies Doubles 1st & 3rd Ladies v 1st & 3rd Ladies
    5 Mens Doubles 1st & 3rd Gents v 1st & 3rd Gents
    6 Ladies Doubles 2nd & 3rd Ladies v 2nd & 3rd Ladies
    7 Gents Doubles 2nd & 3rd Gents v 2nd & 3rd Gents
    8 Mixed Doubles 1st Lady and Gent v 1st Lady and Gent
    9 Mixed Doubles 2nd Lady and Gent v 3rd Lady and Gent
    10 Mixed Doubles 3rd Lady and Gent v 2nd Lady and Gent

  6. Team Captains shall simultaneously exchange full details of pairings on the Team Sheets before the match commences and no alterations shall be permitted during the course of the match. It is the responsibility of each Captain to know their own team's adjusted handicap and to add this to the score sheet before the match commences. In the event of a dispute or should a team declare the wrong handicap, this will be reviewed by the executive committee, whose decision is final.
  7. Score sheets are to be duly completed after each leg, signed by both captains, and forwarded by the home team to the Fixture Secretary within 48 hours.

Team Sheet

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