Junior Badminton Appeal

As part of this year's Junior Badminton season, I would like to introduce the juniors to the Senior Clubs in the Newbury area - to do this, your help and support is required.

Newbury & District Juniors cater for youngsters between the ages of 10-18 and runs at Park House School on Monday Evenings from October through to the end of March.

Every Monday evening from November to February, I would like two players (preferably from the same club) to join the juniors for a couple of games. This will improve their standard of play and knowledge of the game. They will then pass this knowledge onto the younger ones to help them improve. If all the clubs in the District can support the juniors in this way, it would mean that each club only provides players for just one session during the season.

We also need to encourage our Intermediates to carry on playing once they leave the Junior Club. To achieve this, we would welcome for clubs to invite two youngsters along to their club night for an hour or so to introduce them to the senior badminton scene and play two or three games. This way, when the time comes for them to find a senior club to join, it will not be such a major step and there will already be a friendly face that they know.

Don't forget today's youngsters are tomorrow's senior club members. For clubs to survive in the coming years, you will need young blood to boost your membership.

If you or your club is interested in supporting Junior Badminton in the District, please contact me to arrange a convenient time and date.

Mike Teather 2011

U11 - There were 4 other teams. We only lost two games in the afternoon and came out winning, just beating East Berks (Maidenhead).
Well done Amber & Anna + Joe & Sam.

U13 - There was only one other team. The scores were level when all the 14 games games were finished. West Berks won on count back by 21 points! That makes less than 2 points per game...
Well done to Ellie & Zoe + Leo & Peter.

U15 - There was only one other team. This time we won every game winning and impressive 14-0.
Well done to Erica & Kelly + Matt Tucker & Matt Rawlings.

U17 - There were 3 other teams. We lost only one mixed doubles game despite Alexandra Woods being penalised -6 points because she had been in the raw talent squad a few years ago. There were 2 games that we won 21-20 though!
Well done to Alexandra & Katie + Jack Ford and Joe Fish.

Each team has won a gold medal and we had the shield presented to us again by Mrs Teather.