1 All club members should be registered both with the District Fixture Secretary and also with Badminton England before they play in any league event. Junior players (as defined by Rule 20) shall be eligible immediately upon registration at all times. Adult players registered after 31st October shall not be eligible to play in any league event for a period of 14 days after registration with the District Fixture Secretary. Exceptions to this registration period will only be considered by the committee under exceptional circumstances and in any event prior to the player taking part in a league event. Any team that uses a player whose registration does not meet these rules, unless previously agreed by the committee, shall forfeit the rubbers concerned.
2 The annual subscription per club plus the fee per team entered in any League or Cup competition will be fixed at the AGM of the Association. The appropriate information requested by the Association, including the number of teams entered in each competition, together with the appropriate fees must be submitted to the District Secretary not later than 30th June for the coming season.
3 Should a team withdraw from a competition during the season, no fees shall be returnable and their record shall be expunged. If the Executive Committee so decides, withdrawal may constitute an offence.
4 No club or members of that Club shall be allowed to compete in any event organised by the Association until all affiliation requirements have been met.
5 New Clubs shall not be admitted to the Association until their application has been approved by the General Committee. The entry or expulsion of a Club will require a majority vote. In the event of a tied vote the status quo will be maintained.
6 The League season shall open on 1st September and no tie shall be played after 30th April the following year. Matches should be re-arranged outside this period only with the permission of the League Fixture Secretary.
7 The league shall comprise of 5 sections: Ladies - teams of 6 players, Ladies - teams of 4 players, Mens, Mixed and All Doubles. Each section shall be organised into divisions, the composition of the divisions shall be optimum size of 7 teams, with a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 6 teams, except for the lowest two divisions which will constitute the balance of the entries. A minimum of three teams shall be required to make a section viable. The composition will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
8 The season's fixtures will be published beforehand or arranged at a Fixture Secretaries' meeting as decided by the Executive Committee. Where a Club has 2 or more teams playing in the same division, matches between these teams must be played prior to 1st November.
9 Matches must normally be played as arranged and may only be postponed or rearranged because of:
  • Non-availability of the playing venue or
  • Inclement weather

In the event that at least one of these conditions is not met, the non-offending club shall have the right to request claim the match or to request a new date for the match to be played. The Fixture Secretary must be informed as quickly as possible for any postponements or re-arranged matches. Note that the inability of a particular player or players to represent a Club on the date originally arranged shall not be considered a sufficient reason for postponement.

10 Play shall start at the home team's notified time.

Should a pair be unable to play within 15 minutes of when required, the non-defaulting team may claim that rubber.

If not started half an hour after the notified time, the match can be claimed by the non-defaulting team. No players arriving more than one hour after the notified match start shall be allowed to take part without the consent of the opposing Captain.

(Amended 28/4/2014)

11 Where Clubs are playing on courts which are not fall size, this fact should be announced to the visiting team before commencement of play. In all cases a shuttle hitting the roof of the playing venue is a 'fault'. Hitting the beams or other court obstructions is to be defined as a 'let' or 'fault' by the home club and announced as such before the commencement of play. Unless this is done, at a point of dissention, concession must be given to the visitors in all cases.
12 Either Captain may request a scorekeeper who's sole function shall be to score - any dispute should be resolved by the players on court. When the request is invoked, teams shall alternate in providing a scorekeeper, the home team scoring the first rubber.

The scores and results of each match are to be completed on the score sheet provided, duly signed by the Captain of each team and sent, by the home team, to the Fixture Secretary within 72 hours of Midnight on the night the match is scheduled. The home team shall provide the score sheet.

If the score card is not received by the Fixture Secretary within that period, a league point shall be deducted from the team at fault.

If the score card is not received by the Fixture Secretary within a further 48 hours, a second league point shall be deducted from the team at fault.

If the score card is not received by the Fixture Secretary within yet a further 48 hours, Rule 22 may be invoked and the club fined.

In all cases, a score card must still be submitted.

What this means in practice is defined by the following table:
Match NightFirst point deduction at Midnight on:Second point deduction at Midnight on:Rule 22 can be invoked from Midnight on:

13 The home Club shall determine whether cork base plastic shuttlecocks or feathered shuttlecocks should be used in all divisions or competitions.

A Club's preference shall be notified with the Fixture List.

14 Mixed, Mens and Ladies - Teams of 6 players

Teams for Ladies 6, Mens and Mixed section shall consist of three pairs, each pair to play one rubber against each pair of the opposing side. Unless otherwise agreed, where teams consist of three pairs the normal order of play shall be :

1: A v 1

4: B v 1

7: C v 1

2: B v 2

5: C v 2

8: A v 2

3: C v 3

6: A v 3

9: B v 3

Where letters denote the home team and couples denote A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, are necessarily in order of merit.

Ladies - Teams of 4 players

Teams for Ladies 4 shall consist of four players (denoted L1, L2, L3 and L4). Six rubbers shall be played. Pairs shall play against their equivalent opponents in the following order:

1: L1 & L2 v L1 & L2

3: L1 & L2 v L3 & L4

5: L1 & L4 v L1 & L4

2: L3 & L4 v L3 & L4

4: L3 & L4 v L1 & L2

6: L2 & L3 v L2 & L3

All Doubles - Teams of 2 Ladies & 4 Men

Teams for the All Doubles section shall consist of two ladies and four men (denoted L1, L2, M1, M2, M3, M4). Nine rubbers shall be played in the following combinations and order (home team first):

M1 & M2 v M1 & M2

L1 & M1 v L1 & M1

L2 & M4 v L1 & M3

L1 & L2 v L1 & L2

L2 & M2 v L2 & M2

M1 & M2 v M3 & M4

M3 & M4 v M3 & M4

L1 & M3 v L2 & M4

M3 & M4 v M1 & M2

Rubbers shall consist of the best of three games scored to 21 points with setting. Where there is only one court available for the match, or where there is any possibility that there will be insufficient time to complete three games rubbers, it shall be the responsibility of the captains to decide BEFORE the match how many games shall constitute a rubber. If there is any disagreement the match shall consist of two game rubbers, each game to 21 with setting. A two game rubber shall be halved if each pair wins one game. Rubbers not played or completed due to insufficient time will not be scored.

15 A winning team will be awarded two points. In the event of a draw each team will be awarded one point. If a match is conceded then the defaulting club shall have two points deducted. If teams tie with an equal number of points at the end of the season, then the league position will be decided the difference between the number of rubbers won and lost, and if still equal, on the difference between the number of games won and lost. If, however, two or more teams tie on points at the close of a season's competition, and one team shall have scored a 9 - 0 win through another team scratching or conceding, then the winner of the division and the competition shall be decided by taking the winner of the matches played between the teams involved in the tie. In the event of a three or more way tie then the winner will be decided by creating a league table of the results between the involved teams. If there is still a tie then the title and the trophy will be shared.
16 At the end of the season the top two teams of each division shall be promoted by one division and the bottom two teams relegated by one division.

In the event of a team withdrawing from a division only one team in that division shall be relegated.

A Club new to the League will enter its team(s) into the lowest division(s). In the event of a merger between League Clubs, team position(s) in the League will be decided by the Executive Committee.

17 When a Club has more than one team entered in one section of the League, if that Club withdraws a team during the season or enters fewer teams the following season, it will always be the team with the lowest League ranking that will be withdrawn.

In the event of withdrawal during the season the results of any matches already played will be null and void and deleted from the season's records.

18 A player shall not play for more than one Club in the Mixed League, a Lady shall not play for more than one Club in the Ladies League, nor shall a man play for more than one Club in the Men's League except by prior permission of the Executive Committee
19 Where Clubs enter two or more teams in any one type of competition, they must register with the Fixture Secretary the names of:
Section Nominate
Ladies 6 section
Mens section

Mixed section

Ladies 4 section
All Doubles
4 team members
6 members for their A team
4 members for other teams
3 Ladies & 3 Men for their A team
2 Ladies & 2 Men for their other teams
2 Ladies
1 Lady & 2 Men

in all but the lowest team before ANY match is played. It is required that registered players represent that team in at least 50% of the scheduled matches during the season unless prevented by injury or other unforeseeable circumstances. In that event, a further nomination should be made to the Fixture Secretary. No registered player shall play in a lower division or team.

(Amended 28/4/2014)

20 A member of a Club playing in a lower division or team, may play for their Club in a higher division or team on up to two occasions during one season without losing their ability to play in the lower division or team. If a member plays more than twice in a higher division or team, they will be automatically transferred to the higher division or team. Juniors (players not having reached their 18th birthday by 1st September at the beginning of a season) will not be subject to this restriction, and may play up for a higher division team without affecting their eligibility for the lower division team. However, if the Junior player is nominated as a "registered" player for a particular team that Junior player may not play in a lower division or team and must satisfy the requirements on Rule 19.
21 If a team plays an ineligible player to make up their team numbers, then they must inform the opponents at the start of the match and all rubbers in which they take part shall be awarded to the opponents, with "conceded" entered on the match card for these rubbers. Failure to notify the opponents will result in the match being forfeited with every rubber awarded to the opponents.

No player may be substituted once he/she in his/her first rubber has commenced play.

22 For offences against these Rules the Executive Committee shall have the power to impose a fine not exceeding 20. All such fines shall be paid by the Club concerned within 14 days of receipt of notice from the District Secretary otherwise the Club and its players shall automatically be suspended.

May 2012 (Rules 10 & 19 amended April 2014)

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