Terry Snook Trophy

Terry Snook was an acclaimed Badminton player in the Newbury area for many years. A local man, he learnt his badminton while on national service and on return in the early 1960's commenced a playing career with Newbury Badminton Club that continued until his death in 1998. He played with other clubs and made a significant impact on the county scene where he was at one time Chairman of Selectors for Berkshire. A natural coach with a great badminton brain, he encouraged and guided players unfailingly.

The Trophy, presented to the Association by Terry's wife, is to be awarded annually to the person or persons who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, has made a worthy contribution to any aspect of the conduct of the sport within the Association and its member clubs.

Margaret Neville, Bucklebury BC

This year's presentation was made by Nigel Coombs (NDBA Chairperson) to Margaret Neville a member of Bucklebury Badminton Club for over 20 years.

During her time at Bucklebury, Margaret has undertaken the roles of Secretary and later Chairperson (continuing to this day) and has seen many changes in the fortunes of the club overseeing a move from Brockhurst School to Elstree and seeing membership dwindle from a high of 40 to a low of circa 15. Recognising the reducing membership Margaret instigated and led an initiative to reverse the fortunes of the club. Margaret helped the club to gain external funding which enabled over 20 new young people to attend a coaching course to introduce them to the sport she loves. Many of these new players are still coming back each week to Bucklebury Club nights growing the membership significantly since the coaching finished. Bucklebury's membership is now back close to its peak of 40 members. This increase in membership has allowed Bucklebury to gradually increase the number of teams it enters in the Newbury leagues.

Margaret has been a very active player throughout her time at Bucklebury captaining both the Ladies and Mixed teams at various points during the last 20 years.

The award recognises Margaret Neville's long term service and contribution to badminton in the community.

Chris Tompkins, Kennet BC

Chris Tompkins receiving the 2016 Terry Snook Award from Kennet Chairperson, Claire Drysdale

Chris Tompkins has been a pivotal point in the coaching scene, spending time with both seniors and juniors, as well as playing an important role at County level. He encourages juniors to play at a progressive level, showing them their potential to improve and move up into senior clubs.

He has run several courses with well-known badminton players, including former Korean international Lee Jae Bok.

In the past he has been positive in ensuring that funding for coaches has been injected into the local clubs, supporting Level 1 and 2 courses.

He has been a member of Kennet BC for approximately 10 years where he took on the role of Chairman for a number of years. His successor in this role was one of the juniors that went through County training with him.

He has always been a strong supporter of the local badminton community to ensure there is a future within the district. Although he has recently moved away from the area, he still plays an important part and I have no doubt he will continue to play a role, encouraging juniors at a local level as well as a county level.

Chris Tompkins of Kennet Badminton Club, the 2016 Terry Snook award winner.

Paul Olive, Shaw BC


This season's recipient started his club badminton in Hounslow at a place now known as The Dome. While working in Hounslow he moved to Basingstoke but continued to play in Hounslow because he could go straight from work.

After marrying and starting a family he moved to Newbury in 1998. Despite no longer working in Hounslow he would make the 100 mile round trip to play for his club. Unsurprisingly, with a young family the commute to play badminton took its toll and after one season of these mammoth journeys he looked for a club closer to home. Even when he found one he juggled playing for both clubs with Hounslow being favoured with his loyalty.

For the last twelve years or so his loyalty has been with Shaw where he has played both men's and mixed and served on the committee. He qualified as a coach and helped to set up Shaw's junior club where he continues to put his coaching skills to work.

Badminton is a very important part of his life. He has served on the District committee helping with the website, fixtures - especially the move to the League Republic system - and tournaments.

His most recent role was as District chairman, a position he stepped into when the Association was having a minor crisis. After several years, with the ship more stable and work demands growing, he reluctantly stood down at last years AGM.

This year's deserved recipient of the Terry Snook Trophy is the very dedicated, high mileage, Paul Olive.

Andy Norman, Shaw BC


NDBA recognises the significant contribution of Andy Norman

With the Newbury District Badminton season drawing to a close it was time again for the annual dinner dance to take place at Newbury Rugby Club. This year saw the big prize of the evening awarded to Andy "Bod" Norman of Shaw Badminton Club. He picked up the Terry Snook Trophy, which is awarded to an individual who has made a worthy contribution to any aspect of the conduct of the sport within the Association and its member clubs. Andy Norman has played badminton within the district for over 25 years, and within that time he has developed the sport with significant contributions of his skill, time and knowledge. Andy started off in the junior sections working his way up to be an accomplished player under the tutelage of Kevin Walker. By the time he was in his late teens, Andy was already a force on the badminton court and was feared by many an opponent. Despite the draws of university he kept his commitment to badminton, often travelling from Sheffield to play in matches for Shaw Badminton Club, such was his dedication. Andy's dedication did not end there, despite being from the "wrong side" of Berskhire, he managed to force his way into the county set up and most recently has taken on captaining duties for the Berkshire County 1st team.

As well as his county commitments, Andy has devoted many hours into Shaw Badminton Club, helping to run the junior section for over 4 years now and always being the first to club night to set up and often the last to leave. Furthermore, Andy has also worked with other junior teams around the District, namely St.Mary's Juniors on weekends and St.Bart's Juniors on Friday afternoons. Andy's commitment and determination, alongside other people, to improve Junior badminton in the district has seen some impressive results with Junior tournaments thriving, junior involvement in leagues on the increase and the West Berks Junior team winning on numerous occasions the Mike Teather Trophy. He has been an inspiration to many juniors who look up to him as a role model.

Despite all these commitments, Andy has still found time to win many tournaments, both within the district and Berkshire itself, most notably becoming the Berkshire Mixed Champions this year. He has also found time off the court to contribute. He has been part of the NDBA executive committee for coming on to 10 years now, and has helped organise local tournaments as well as being ever present at meetings and handicap committees. It would not be an over exaggeration to say that without Andy, the Newbury District would be a smaller, less organised and less successful place. He quite simply has been the driving force of many good things within the district and it is fitting that the Terry Snook Trophy was awarded to Andy Norman.

Keith Parsons, Downlands BC

This year's award goes to Keith Parsons, who has been playing badminton in the NDBA area for 30 years and was a founder member of Downlands Badminton Club, which is now one of the major players in the NDBA.

Keith has always played an active role in running the club since then. He has also taken a prominent role in the club's thriving junior section, which has produced some excellent players, having become a qualified coach about 10 years ago. He has always encouraged less skilled players to develop their game and offered advice whenever requested.

In 2006, when the need for a new chairman of the NDBA arose, and despite his club commitments, Keith took on the role and would continue in it for 5 years, during which time he spent a great deal of time promoting the NDBA, in particular looking for new clubs who might be persuaded to join the NDBA, hunting down funding for local players to gain coaching qualifications and also organizing coaching for players who did not feel up to league standard.

Keith also regularly attended the county badminton development meetings, actively trying to promote badminton in the West Berks area. For his sustained commitment over 30 years, Keith is a very worthy recipient of this year's award.

Since leaving the NDBA committee in 2011, he has taken up the organization of the local coaches association and junior tournaments and continued to promote badminton in the area.

Robert "Co" Winter, Kennet BC

This year's AGM featured the prestigious ceremony of the presentation of the Terry Snook Trophy. A hushed audience heard our chairman Paul begin his tribute to this year's winner referring to him as Robert, a name that very few would recognise. Even the recipient took some time to realise that he had won. When it did hit him, he was visibly surprised and almost lost for words. This year's trophy went to Robert Winter, better known to us all as Co.

Co first took up the game at a more mature stage in life as a social pastime rather than at the more serious level of a dedicated club. As the numbers of the social group declined, an invitation was received from the true badminton club playing on the adjacent courts, to help make up the numbers on a poorly attended evening. That was the start of many years of playing badminton for his new club. Of the members of that era, there are but a few of the originals still playing with Co being one.

His competitive nature ensured that his game improved. He represented the club in Mixed matches in the days when there were seven divisions and a variety of challenging venues both in terms of court conditions and journey times on a frosty night.

In 2001, Co stepped in to the breach for the NDBA committee when it unexpectedly found itself in need of a treasurer. Co rapidly took control of the situation and at the next AGM he was formally voted in as treasurer. Co went on to hold the post for 10 years, during which time his reliability, competence and ceaseless good humour became greatly valued by all his fellow committee members.

Co was always there to support club social events and frequently after such events, the club were invited back to his house to end the day with a barbecue or similar. When it came to charitable events, again Co was there, being instrumental in putting on two 24-hour badminton marathons to raise money for local charities. In 2011, he played a major part in organising a district-wide event to raise money for the Duchess of Kent House in Reading following the untimely passing of one of his club's popular and long standing lady players. He managed all this while also serving on the club's committee in various offices including treasurer and Chairman.

When his club started junior coaching sessions, Co was volunteering to help again, taking on the role of assistant coach and going one step more than most by providing (indirectly) two of the juniors who attended - his grandchildren.

Co is still playing competitive matches and with his current partner their combined ages reach just short of 140. There are not many local pairings who can top that.

Everyone who knows him will tell you that you'll have to go a long way, to find a more friendly, trustworthy and good-natured person than Co and he certainly deserves the accolade of being this year's Terry Snook Trophy winner.

Joan Vinall, Aldermaston BC

Joan has been playing in one or more of the local leagues: Newbury, Basingstoke and Reading since the early 1970s. Joan was already playing for Mortimer West End when she joined AWRE Badminton Club in the mid-1970s. In the mid-1970s to early 1980s she helped encourage children to play badminton at Theale Green School and also at the AWRE Badminton Club, a number of whom still play in the local leagues.

Joan took on the role of match secretary for the AWRE club in 1980 a role she undertook for ~30 years until she passed the reins onto her daughter Helen Apsey for the 2009 / 10 season. In the early days before computers this involved match secretaries meeting up and horse trading fixture dates over several nights at local village halls. During her stint as match secretary Joan has seen a number of name changes to the club, now Aldermaston Badminton Club, but the home venue has remained the same. During this period Joan also occasionally fulfilled the role of Aldermaston's General Committee member.

In the early 2000s Joan was instrumental with Graham Page in encouraging and coaching a new batch of juniors at Aldermaston. Several of these progressed rapidly and established their places in teams at Aldermaston leading to some matches involving 3 generations of the same family - Joan, Helen her daughter and either Lisa or Rhian her granddaughters all playing in the same team (occasionally supported by Chris her son-in-law).

Over 35 years Joan has supported Aldermaston Badminton club both as a player and committee member, a feat most of us would struggle to emulate given today's frantic lifestyle and work commitments.

Margaret Mason, St Marys BC

The Terry Snook Trophy is awarded annually to the person or persons who have made a worthy contribution to any aspect of the conduct of the badminton within the Newbury and District and its member clubs. This year's winner was not able to receive the award at the Dinner Dance in May and so was presented the trophy by Daphne, Terry's wife, several weeks later.

The winner started playing in her late teens in Reading and then played in the Reading League for several years before moving to Germany with her husband and son. She continued to play although there were fewer opportunities in Germany. When she moved back to the area she joined St Mary's badminton club and over 15 years has been match secretary and fixture secretary of the club, whilst playing in the mixed and ladies leagues and County Vets for the last 9 years. She was persuaded to be fixture secretary for the NDBA and stayed in post for 10 years, making a difficult job appear easy by being well prepared and organized. She continues to play badminton, helps with St Mary's junior badminton club and is also again match secretary of St Mary's. As the award states Margaret Mason has made an exceptional contribution to badminton both at St Mary's and for the NDBA and is a worthy recipient of this year's trophy.


Sheila Moore, Newbury BC

Sheila was a full Cambridge Blue and undefeated by Oxford before moving into the area to make her county debut in 1975. She was singles and mixed doubles champion in 1978 and played 24 1st county matches, 21 2nd county matches and 2 3rd county matches. Sheila was Newbury Badminton club treasurer for many years and is at present secretary, County Veterans coordinator, level 1 coach and continues to play in the NDBA league.


Karren Harrison, Shaw BC

Karen who stood down last year after 7 years as secretary of the NBDA followed on from her mother in 2000. Karen came up through the junior ranks and has held many roles within her club and continues to give her time assisiting with coaching of the juniors within the district. Some years years ago before coming secretary she generated the district web site and rapidly developed it further on becoming secretary. The NDBA chairman was always pleased, when meeting at county level, to hear envious comments from other districts about the existence and quality of the site. Karen Harrison is a very worthy recipient of the Terry Snook trophy and it was a pleasure for Daphne to present the award.

Andy Moore, Newbury BC


Julia Eatwell Newbury BC


Tony Glinos, St Mary's BC

The NDBA is delighted to announce that Tony Glinos of St Mary's BC is this year's recipient of the Terry Snook Trophy. He is a stalwart of the St Mary's Badminton Club and as a coach continues to bring the next generation of players through to league clubs via the St Mary's Junior Club he runs with Pam Norman.

He has also gained a formidable reputation within the Thames Valley Games over the last five years, taking the West Berkshire squad through to medal-winning positions including Gold at the 2003 games. He followed on from this success by taking this squad to the national Youth Games and the squad came first, winning the Ellerman International Badminton Trophy.

Ray Gooden, Kintbury Ridgeway BC

Ray Gooden is the ever popular, reliable and professional racket and equipment supplier but his services to badminton in the Newbury District in particular were officially recognised when he was presented with the Terry Snook Trophy at the end of season Dinner-Dance.

It may seem unusual in an amateur sport to be making a presentation to a professional. However, the image of professional sportsmen with their fabulous wealth and flashy cars doesn't apply to Ray. He was a professional in at least two sports and operated at the highest level. As a badminton player at a number of local clubs over many years, Ray confesses to modest ability but a great love for the game. It is when local players need urgent work done on rackets, or clubs discover a lack of shuttles for a forthcoming match, that Ray's professionalism is very much appreciated.

Ray Gooden has not only strung the rackets of the great at the All England Badminton Championships, tennis rackets at Wimbledon and at overseas equivalents, but on occasion has organised the efforts of his professional colleagues to ensure that the service ran smoothly right through the tournaments.

Despite this exalted stuff, he is known as the soul of generosity, always prepared to give advice, to loan a racket on trial, to take rapid action to get those shuttles or to donate a prize for a raffle - a very worthy winner indeed.

Kevin Walker, Shaw BC

This years recipient of the Terry Snook Trophy is Kevin Walker (Shaw BC). A stunned Kevin was delighted and honoured to be presented with the trophy from Daphne Snook.

Kevin has been a regular face in the badminton leagues, starting off his playing career at Thatcham BC before moving to Shaw BC. He's played badminton at the highest level and used his gifts to enhance play in matches and tournaments and proving himself to be a worthy, if not generous opponent. As a consequence of his ability, he would typically find himself playing off an "owe-a-hand" handicap, but it rarely bothers him ... and usually makes it through to the finals.

He has also been a worthy ambassador for the sport, representing Berkshire on several occassions and entering various county tournaments as well. He is also a qualified Part 1 Coach and here has used his coaching abilities with various West Berkshire County Junior & County Back-up squads; Newbury Junior & Youth Clubs; coaching handicapped children and finally with local clubs & players. From next year, Berkshire will no doubt be keen to see him make an appearance or two on the Vets circuit!!

Terry Snook was the main inspiration behind Kevin's game, teaching him a valuable lesson in the game at an early age. This experience is firmly etched in his mind. Very much like Terry, Kevin is a true analyst of the game of badminton - as their playing partners AND opposition will vouch for!

Sue Chivers, Shaw BC

The 2002 recipent of the Terry Snook trophy is Sue Chivers (Shaw BC). This award recognises Sue's contribution to badminton in the development of the Junior Badminton in the area and also on a club level.

Sue was one of the original founding members of Shaw BC following the merger of Eagles and Exiles. She remains the driving force behind the club, committee and social

In addition to her enormous contibution to the club badminton, it is also her commitment to Junior Badminton in the area that is recognised. With Bridget Bowsher, she ran Newbury Juniors and Newbury Youth for many years and under her guidance and coaching, Newbury Youth finally gained the recognition they deserved when they won the Blackford Cup two years running. Many of the 20-something juniors are still actively playing badminton in the area today.

Audrey Jackson

Audrey Jackson is the third recipient of the Terry Snook Trophy in recognition of her work in establishing and promoting Junior Badminton in the District, and Berkshire over the last 20 years.

In conjunction with Margaret Tipton, she established Thatcham Junior Badminton Club in 1980 and then in 1985, established one of the first U11 National Tournaments in the country, which is still going strong today.

In the mid 80's, she set up the Newbury Youth Badminton Club which acted as a stepping stone for Junior players between the Junior Clubs and the Senior Clubs. She has also organised 5 24 hour Badminton Marathons, raising over 16,000 for local charities.

In 2000, Audrey stepped down as Secretary from the NDBA after many years of service and took up the running of Newbury Junior Badminton Club.

In addition to Audrey's work in the Newbury district she was also Secretary for the Berkshire Junior BA and Berkshire County BA.

Without Audrey's organisation and support, the District would not have many of it's twenty-/thirty-something players - Nicky Chaplin, Paul Baker, Ian Johnson, Jason Dorwood to name but a few.

Pam Norman, St Mary's BC

The second recipient of the Terry Snook Trophy is Pam Norman of St Mary's BC.

She has graced the badminton circuit for many seasons, representing her club in both Mixed and Ladies Doubles, but this trophy recognises Pam's commitment in promoting badminton at a Junior level at both Bucklebury Primary School and Thatcham Junior Badminton Club.

Pam continues to teach badminton in a quiet way, but instills much belief and enthusiasm in those around her. Bucklebury continues to bring through many league players thanks to Pam's efforts.

The District Chairman, Andy Moore presented Pam with the Trophy at the Presentation Dinner & Dance on May 12th, 2000.

Bob Crichton, Kennet BC

Bob Crichton of Kennet Badminton Club receiving the Terry Snnok Trophy, presented by Daphne SnookThe first recipient of the Terry Snook Trophy is Bob Crichton of Kennet Badminton Club. The trophy was presented to Bob by Terry's wife, Daphne at the Newbury & District Badminton AGM.

Bob Crichton has been playing and administering badminton in the district for over 30 years. Now in his 70's, he has just retired as Chairman of Kennet Badminton Club. He previously played for the Newbury Badminton Club and was particularly involved in running the junior section.